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Spiritual Work 

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Reflective speaking .png
Reflective speaking .png

Reflective Speaking

The Ancients, our ancestors long ago believed that when the heart becomes heavy with life's burdens it droops. 

When we are able to speak on what is weighing us down and we are actively listened to in away that allows ourselves to reflect on what we are saying it allows the "heart strings" to adjust and tighten.  The heart is able to lift. 

**Please note this is not psychotherapy this is a safe space for you to talk and halve an impartial party listen. 


Energetic Cleansing

Used to remove illness, jealousy, malicious intent and thoughts from others, as well as energetic "gunk" picked up from being in crowds and around other people. ⁣ ⁣ 


The practitioner reads the energy surrounding the client and the situation. Tools are chosen, and the session begins. 


Clients may be brushed with plants, or flowers, sound vibration may be used, blessed waters or eggs may be used in the processed as the auric field is cleaned around the client. 


Clients may be given additional work to do on their own after session to further their own work. 

candle service .png


Crow & Owl's fixed candles are a ritual. This service starts with a discussion about what the client wishes to initiate through a candle service 

The candle is blessed and fixed in a nature that is compatible to the clients needs. 

Through out the candle burn the candle is continually blessed and worked on the clients behalf. 

Clients receive a pictures of the candle:

  • Once it's been fixed

  • During it's burn process 

  • At the end once the candle has been burned through. 

7 day glass candles are used for this ritual. 

Additional costs apply to have the candle read through out the process.

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