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The art of divination, as I was taught is not a finite answer about what is to come,

rather an exploration of the energy that current surrounds an individual or circumstance. 

Through out our every day interactions and interventions we alter the outcome of what is to be.

Divination shows us the unseen influences at work and gives insight on how and where 

we can make changes, alterations and allowances along our course to find favor in outcome.

All readings come with situational specific ritual work for clients to do to help facilitate their situation.



Otherwise known as Bone Reading, dates back to being one of the earliest forms of divination for humans. 

Each bone and curio in an osteomancers set hold specific meaning for time, place, action and persons. When the bones are cast the osteomancer watches how the items are placed and grouped together to give insight for the client. 

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Dive deep into the unseen with a tarot reading. 

A practice that is centuries old, tarot readings are supported by the use card decks. 

Each card is created to reflect an archetype or universal theme found in the aspects of daily living. 

* All readings are done virtually through GoTo Meeting.  Once your appointment is scheduled and paid a meeting invite will be sent to the email you provided with login and password specific to your appointment. 
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