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Culture of Wellness

Our homes are the foundation of our wellness spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

In our modern day of running from here to there we often forget some of the very basics that lead to a strong foundation of wellness. 

As a traditional medicine practitioner and herbalist it is my passion to teach each individual I work with to create their own culture of wellness with in their home using time proven principles of traditional medicine that meet their unique life style needs

culture of Medicine .png
culture of Medicine .png

Initial consultation

In our initial meeting we will discuss :

  • an in-depth health history

  • lifestyle assessment

  • goals & outcomes

During this time clients have the opportunity to explore and evaluate: 

  • likes and dislikes regarding tastes, textures, smells

  • time commitments

  • personal beliefs and practices 

  • skills 

After the initial intake is done the client will receive recommendations to begin to incorporate into their home and lifestyle.

Please note that initial consultations can take up to 2 hours. 

Herb Infused Oils

Follow up

Follow up consultations may include

  • Formulation changes

  • Diet changes 

  • Reflection opportunities on goals & achievements 

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