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Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Crow & Owl classes are currently adhering to COVID-19 considerations.  Class sizes are being held at 10 participants maximum.  Pre registration on line or in the studio 2 days prior to class must be done.


Back To School Wellness.png
Back to School wellness: Organize your home for a happy healthy fall

Saturday September 4
4:00 pm
$20 - Pre- Registration required. Space is limited

It's back to school time and that means, recess, and dirty little hands.  High 5's and sport events. Late night studying and a little extra stress.

This class is all about

  • what to stock on hand

  • what to whip up in the kitchen to keep everyone well and happy

  • how to nurture the immune system

  • stress reduction

  • traditional kitchen medicine making for back to school wellness



seasonal eating.png
Seasonal Autumn Eating

Saturday October 2
4:00 pm
$20 - Pre- Registration required. Space is limited

Autumn brings us richly colored and flavored foods specifically for bolstering the immune system and the endocrine system.  The foods we set on our table this time of year have a huge impact on our ability to stay happy and well as the colder and darker days of winter approach.

In this class we will explore

  • The foods seasonally available to us

  • The impact seasonal eating has on the body

  • Herbs and spices that pair well with the foods

  • Easy recipes for cooking

  • A little kitchen magic


bone broth for wellness.png
Bones, Broth, & Roots

Saturday October 9
4:00 pm
$20 - Pre- Registration required. Space is limited

This 90 minute class is an introduction to culinary herbalism. The daily food we enjoy is one of the most profound ways to influence the health and well being of our body. Join community herbalist Alexis Showers as she takes you through the use of bones, broths and roots to build and engage the immune system, comfort during the colds and sniffles and tame the tummy when it feels out of sorts.

Students will learn about:

  • How and why to make bone broth

  • Seasonal roots and veggies

  • Herbal combinations for use during the autumn season