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Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Antiviral herbs for wellness & Prevention

Saturday May 30

3:30 pm

$10 - Pre registration required

Class size MAX 6 people

Join herbalist Alexis as she walks students through a garden of herbs traditionally used for anti viral offense. This class will help students discover:
How to create a wellness regimen at home
8 traditional anti viral herbs and spices
Food as medicine
Traditional medicine making in the kitchen
Physiology and chemistry of herbs and the human body

Herbs for Summer Wellness

Saturday June 13

3:30 pm

$10 - Pre Registration required

MAX 6 people per class

Beat the heat and enjoy your summer with herbal medicine!

Join Alexis for a class that discusses herbs specifically for helping us be healthy and well through out the summer. We'll discuss herbs for keeping cool, caring for our skin and hair, the importance of hydration, herbs for summers ouchies, and touch on the topics of why and hows of season eating.

Class includes recipes and a medicine making demonstration for sun and skin care.

Herbs & Flowers for baths

Saturday June 27

3:30 pm

$10.00 - Pre- Registration required

MAX 6 students per class

Summer is an excellent time to use water, herbs and flowers to heal our spirit, mind and body.

Join herbalist and traditional medicine practioner Alexis Showers as she teaches:

Reasons for herbal baths

Types of baths and how to use the water element

Imbalances that benefit from baths

How to choose your herbs

How to set up a bath

After care


Herbal First Aid

Saturday July 18

3:30 pm

$15.00 - Pre- Registration required

MAX 6 students per class

Summer time is filled with all sorts of bumps scrapes and ouchies.

This class is a basic herbal first aid class.  Come learn how to build your home herbal first aid kit.

How to deal with bites, stings, scrapes and burns with natural products.

Class participants will also learn about herbs for dealing with the desert heat. Food as medicine during the summer time and simple herbal medicine making in your kitchen.


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