Classes & Events

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you.

- Frank Lloyd Wright

Crow & Owl classes are currently adhering to COVID-19 considerations.  Class sizes are being held at 10 participants maximum.  Pre registration on line or in the studio 2 days prior to class must be done.

As of November 2020 classes are planned to be in the studio.  If for reasons meeting in small groups is not safe for our community classes will be moved to our online platform in conjunction with live zoom meetups.

herbs for stress & anxiety.png
herbs for stress & Anxiety

Saturday January 9th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre registration required


Based on a world health report America is among the top when it comes to stressed nations.  Symptoms of stress can range from irritability, low energy, lack of motivation, to feelings of sadness and overwhelm. The good news is that mother nature has provided plants specifically to help support us during times of stress, to nurture, repair and in some cases activate our nervous system. 


Join me, Alexis, your community herbal educator as I take you through a journey of plants and their uses traditionally used for stress & anxiety.

herbs for prayer & sacred space.png
Herbs for prayer and sacred space
Make & Take

Saturday January 16th

3:30 pm

$35 - Pre-registration required

Humans have used herbs in prayer and ceremony for centuries.  This class is meant to teach students how to honor the use of plants.  How to select plants for use, and the multitude of ways plants aid us is prayer, meditation and spiritual hygiene of sacred space. 

Dialogue and discussion of sacred plants, over harvesting and what can be done, as well as the miss use and cultural appropriation of spiritual herbs will also be apart of this class.

Students will have an opportunity to create their own herb bundle for use during this class.

Aphrodisiacs & plants for love

Saturday February 6th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required

Love is in the air!  Foods and plants have long been employed by lovers to set the mood. Come learn the art of herbal aphrodisiacs and plants to inspire love. 

In this class we'll be talking about lotions and potions and food.

Not just herbs that inspire the physical expression of passion, but also herbs that help to heal heart break and inspire passion for life itself.


plants for heart health.png
Plants for heart health

Saturday February 27th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required

February is Heart Health Awareness month!  In the United States 30.3 million adults are diagnosed with heart disease per year according to the CDC.

This statistic can encompass individuals with high blood pressure, cholesterol challenges, obesity, stress and many other triggers that stress the heart.

Come join the conversation on heart healthy foods and traditionally used herbs to help build a strong & healthy heart.


seasonal eating spring.png
Seasonal eating: Spring greens & flowers

Saturday March 6th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required

A new 4 part series at Crow & Owl!

This class is part lecture & part demonstration.

Seasonal eating isn't just trendy it's good for the wallet and the body!  Every season mother nature gives us a bounty of food that ranges the color of the rainbow, filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed to sustain a healthy and well balanced body.

This season we'll be talking about the benefits of all things green and leafy, how to make them tasty and what to pair them with.  Since it's spring and flowers abound the topic of edible flowers will also be covered.

Pull up a chair, lets discuss your likes, dislikes and whats in the seasonal shopping bag, as Alexis demonstrates food prep that's easy, budget friendly and tasty!


herbs for digestion & detox.png
herbs for detox & digestion

Saturday March 20th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required

New science continues to emerge about the connection of a healthy gut and over all physical and mental well being.

This is not secret to traditional and folk herbalists, nor is it new news to the food as medicine activists.  What is at the end of our fork dictates how we wind up feeling.

In this workshop we'll be taking on the myths of detoxing, how to ease tummy troubles, the foods that fuel the body and the herbs that support it all.


flower essence 101.png
herbs for detox & digestion

Saturday April 10th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required

Flowers provide their own sweet healing, not only in delicious teas and foods but from an energetic level as well. 

Flowers provide healing physically and emotional.  Come learn how to work with the sweet essence of  flowers to heal the heart, body, and soul.

bitters medicine making.png
Bitters: Medicine making
Make & Take

Saturday April 24th

3:30 pm

$35 - Pre- Registration required. Cost covers medicine making supplies.

Bitter!  When we think of that taste we automatically pucker and begin to salivate.  Why is that?

Bitters kick start our digestive process.  They prime the pump for the digestive juices and all the rest of the process needed to break down our food into usable chemistry for the body.

Spring just happens to be a great time of year to employ bitters for liver health. 

Come learn how to make your own tasty bitters for home use!

Each student will have the opportunity to blend and create a bitter to take home with them.

cold, smooth & tasty..png
breast health

Saturday May 15

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required.

We all have them, women and men.  We should all know the why and how for taking care of them. 

Not surprisingly there are actually herbs that help support this part of the body, especially because they are so close to the lymph system. 

This class will include wise woman herbal knowledge, self massage techniques, and food as medicine.  We'll also answer why cabbage is a nursing mothers best friend. 

build your herbal first aid kit.png
Build your herbal first aid kit

Saturday May 22nd

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required.

One of the greatest joys of being an herbalist, is knowing that when my family and loved ones are not feeling their best I have the ability to help them out.  At the very least to make them comfortable until we can get them more help.

This class is designed to educate students on simple first concepts using traditional plants and other natural materials, easily sourced from your grocery store and prepared at home.

We will cover:

  • Bumps and bruises

  • Stings and bites

  • Sun burns

  • Ear infections

  • Coughs and congestion

  • more

seasonal eating summer.png
Seasonal Eating: Fruits, berries & more

Saturday June 5th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required.

The beautiful colors and assortment of berries, fruits and more is no accident this time of year.  We've reached the 3rd installment of the Seasonal Eating series here at Crow & Owl.

We'll be talking about foods for summer immunity, staying cool and other summer concerns as well as how to preserve some of this seasons bounty!

medicine making.png
Medicine Making: Infusions, Decoctions & Syrups
Make & Take

Saturday June 19th

3:30 pm

$35 - Pre- Registration required. Registrations includes medicine making supplies

Infusions and decoctions are the base of just about all medicine making done in the kitchen by a home herbalist. 

Join Alexis in this class to learn the difference between an infusion and a decoction, when and how they are used and then we will kick it up a notch and make syrups from infusion and decoction.

Students will learn the very basics of formulating, hot infusions, cold infusions and decoctions.  they will learn about the different ways to make syrups and when and why to use a syrup over the other methods.

Herbal popsicles and other summer treats
Medicine making: Herbal popsicles and summer treats

Saturday July 10th

3:30 pm

$25 - Pre- Registration required.

Lets have some fun!  Medicine making in the kitchen doesn't have to be a serious endeavor all the time.  


Lets make some good for your sweet treats we can enjoy as we run through the sprinkles and splash in the pool.  Herbal popsicles were hands down some of my kids favorite treats when they were little and some of the easiest ways to work herbs into their diets with it looking suspect. Truth be told they are grown up favorites too.

We'll be reconstructing some childhood favorite desserts in this class, pudding, cookies, muffins and the all time favorite popsicle.

As we reconstruct new treats we'll be using powdered ashwaghanda, hibiscus infusion, lemon balm syrup and more!