100 Kitchen Herbalists in 2020!

Have you ever been so motivated and consumed by something that it literally propels you out of bed every morning?

I am, and it's the reason in 2020 I will be here writing, researching, posting and creating new and exciting ways to interact with herbs and the food that comes from mother earth.

I have a goal! Can you help me?

I see a need in the world, not just a need but a desire that is growing... ... ... ...

... ... ... what most people don't realize when they walk through the door of my shop, is that this need that propels them to look for more sustainable, natural ways of caring for their health, it is not a new trend, but their ancestors calling them back to a way of life that produces wellness and reduces the need for illness intervention. What they are seeking has already been found, but forgotten.

As I've taken time to ponder the goals for my work this next year, I keep coming back to the fact that more people want to know how to make good decisions for themselves and their family when it comes to creating habits of wellness. So this year I'm committing to teaching 100 people to become Kitchen Herbalists.

What is a kitchen herbalist? I'm so glad you asked! Kitchen herbalists are people just like you, who have busy lives, who have professions outside of the health and wellness industry that they are dedicated to, but who want to take an active part in understanding the idea and philosophy behind Socrates' great quote, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. ",

and then be able to apply those principles in the kitchen and garden.

Kitchen herbalists have a handful of remedies be it baths, teas, syrups, oils or other recipes that are easily assembled from simple easy to find herbs and ingredients from your local grocer. Useful foods that are employed at different times of the year to bolster the immune system, support the body, or enhance the mind and spirit so that our families, homes and selves are maintained and kept healthy.

Are you interested in seasonal eating and the positive effect it can have on your budget? Curious about cutting out salt but still creating food that is flavorful and appetizing? Do you spend hours looking through pintrest at the DIY home and beauty recipes? These are all characteristics of a budding kitchen herbalist.

This year I'm offering a monthly classes dedicated to introducing participants to:

  • Principles of dis - ease

  • Seasonal eating & Foraging

  • Stocking your herbal cabinet

  • Simple and easy to make herbal formulas

  • Traditional remedies for daily, and seasonal needs

  • More

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