5 ways to stay healthy this Season

Staying healthy through cold & flu season starts with good habits. Here are 5 simple habits that will boost your immune system and keep winter gunk away!

1. Wash your hands!

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and use a little nail brush under your nails. You

would be amazed at the germ filled world the underside of your finger nails can be.

Wash your hands before preparing food or eating.

Wash your hands before touching your face, putting in contacts, or applying make up

2. Eat foods high in vitamin C. Such as:

Chili peppers Citrus

Thyme Parsley

Kiwis Broccoli

Papaya Strawberries

3. Get enough sleep.

There is a reason the days get shorter during the fall and winter. It's to encourage us to sleep

a little more so that our immune system is in tip top condition.

Not getting enough sleep can actually inhibit our immune systems ability to respond


4. Stay well hydrated

When we are well hydrated we keep our throats moist, reduce the build up of mucus and

phlegm and help the body to naturally regulate it temperature.

Drinking herbal tea helps to keep the body's pH level more alkaline which in turns keeps the

bad bugs at bay.

Steam inhalation, keeps the sinus passages clear and free of phlegm. Plus if you do wind up

with a sore throat, steam is a great way to soothe it.

5. Exercise regularly

Recent studies are showing that regular exercise not only lowers stress, which keeps the

immune system healthy, but exercise itself has an impact on our immunity. A recent study

reported in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, reports that even moderate exercise

may prevent colds & flu.

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