Benefits of Massage for Stress Reduction

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Our bodies are a complex and wondrous compilation of cells and chemistry intricately worked through stimulus and feedback.  The nervous system is solely in charge of conducting this communication.  Our environment, nutrition, emotions and thoughts reflect in its operation and whether it is capable of keeping everything balanced. 

Traditional body work was specifically designed to reset the nervous system, to create balance and ease the detrimental effects of stress, tension and pain, thus extending our life span and ability to function properly. The rocking motions, applications of heat, and specific strokes of massage are all time tested to sedate the constant loop that can come from over stimulation and perceived dangers that create that tired but wired feeling. 

Now more and more modern medical studies are suggesting that significant levels of cortisol, the stress hormone and a vasoconstrictor (which reduces blood flow), called nor-epinephrine are reduced through regular massage and heat therapy. Therapeutic massage also increases dopamine and serotonin which are the body's natural pain killers and sleep regulating hormones.

Through providing the right type of stimulation, emotional support, thoughts and nutrition we are capable of reducing stress, reducing pain and improving the quality of our life. By employing therapeutic massage our body can be trained to reduce stress induced hormones which wreak havoc on how we feel and instead create hormones that keep us feeling happy, pain free and productive. 

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