Don't get caught with the Sniffles this fall

Desert Cider Oxymel For Fall Health & Wellness

I am in full Fall medicine making mode over here. One of my favorite, multipurpose kitchen concoctions is my Desert Cider. It is powerful folk herbal medicine handed down from generation to generation, often referred to as an oxymel.

Oxymels are a combination of vinegar, honey and herb and are a tasty and effective way to store summers bounty of medicine. They can be made for many situation and a wide range of taste pallets. Our Desert Cider uses a high grade Apple cider vinegar with the mother to provide healthy digestion and gut support. lots of anti microbial herbs filled with antioxidants such as rosemary. As well as thyme and oregano for lung and respiratory wellness.

Garlic and onion are a large component to this recipe as they play a huge role in boosting our immunity during cold and flu season as well as protecting our bodies from fungal infection in the gut. After all a healthy immune system starts with a healthy gut.

I personally love herbal medicine with layers of taste so I’ve added horseradish, and ginger for their blood building and detoxifying properties as well as a little jalapeño to spice it up a notch.

Check out our instagram for uses and recipes for Desert Cider. It can be taken a tablespoon at a time as medicine or incorporated into your everyday cooking!

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