Fresh Herbal Smudge Wands

Responsible plant use is a part of creating magic and medicine.

I personally love to smudge, I love to smudge so much that it has become a tale tale sign for studio visitors, that I'm in a session with a client, and there is probably some heavy spiritual work going on.

As a quick an overview, smudging, depending on the plant material being used, either grounds us, brings us together in community, opens our heart, or helps to clean up the caca left behind after a ritual and ceremony session. Sometimes smudging helps to open our intuitive ears so we can hear our ancestors and other times a little smoke helps to clear a spiritually congested space.

Either way smudge and smoke is an important aspect of ceremony whether it's for community or our personal care. By exploring the use of fast growing and renewable plant materials for creating smudging products we are connecting with local plant material, allowing for our creative nature to be nurtured and helping to protect plants on the endangered watch lists last longer.

Join me Friday March 15 at 6:30 pm

For a class where will be learning about renewable herbal resources and how to make beautiful fresh herbal smudge bundles.

Plus enjoy a community Cacao ceremony.

$10 at the door

Plants that tend to have a constitution or general make up that contains higher ratios of resin make the best smudge. However highly aromatic plant material such as rose or chamomile can be used to help lift or lighten the energy of the blend as well as the work it is doing.

Discovering new ways to use herbs and resins can be fun and help develop our relationship with plants common in our habitat. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, here are few with their properties you might want to try:

Rosemary: Builds up personal energy fields & repels negativity

Basil: Clears sadness and opens the road ahead

Mint: Improves clarity and focus

Chamomile: Brightens our energy field and draws good fortune

Rose: Opens the heart and purifies

Lavender: Cleanses

Lemongrass: Creates a sense of well being and cleanses space

Experiment a little you may find that one or two of these plants are just the right combination to enhance your practice and work.

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