The Ritual of Ear candling

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

Soothing, warming, and comforting is the only way to describe an ear coning/candling session. Ear candling traditionally has been used to ease stress and tension headaches, relieve sinus congestion and reduce pain and itching in the ear, nose and throat.

The candles or sometimes referred to as cones are a hallow tube made of cotton imbued with beeswax, honey, and herbal oils.

Here at Crow & Owl ear candling is treated as the ritual it has been for centuries. Clients comfortably rest fully clothed on a padded massage table that is gently warmed. First the neck, head and face are massaged. Tui Na acupressure is used to activate the lymphatic system and to stimulate the clearing action of the sinuses. Essential oils of mint, eucalyptus and camphor are used to ease stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Next a relaxing series of passive stretching is done further alleviating muscle strain and allowing mental chatter to quiet. Once the body is fully prepared an ear candle is lit and placed at the very opening of the ear canal creating a warming vapor that massages the ear passage.

The warm air combined with the cooler air in the candle tube creates a soft vacuum that is used to decrease sinus pressure, draw out impurities in the ear, and reduce head tension.

These sessions leave clients feeling calm, uplifted, and centered.

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