The Victory Garden, what was old is new!

Did you know our grandparents are the OG urban farmers? Well depending on how old you are it might be your great grandparents or even perhaps your parents.

Check out the trending hashtags for gardening #victorygardens or #urbanfarming and you'll see right now with the state of our world we're having a resurgence of what was initially made popular back during World War I and World War II, The Victory Garden.

The Victory Garden came about through the years of 1914 - 1945 and was popularized as a civic duty for U.S. citizens due to the the labor and transportation shortages of the time. These shortages caused panic and anxiety around the national food chain, so in an effort to keep commercially canned foods for the troops the government turned to the people asking that private residents and open lots be farmed. This trend also caught on in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

During this time 20 million Americans turned open space around their homes and neighborhoods into edible producing plots. The Department of Agriculture estimates that between 9 and 10 million tons of food was harvested and preserved from victory gardens. Meaning that nearly 41% of fresh fruits and veggies were being produced with in neighborhoods across America. These statistics always inspire me to think about how as a nation not a single person should have to have anxiety over food availability if we once again turned our landscaping efforts towards edibles.

Over the last 6 months we've seen a glimpse of what can occur in a food panic and with the flux of change we are experiencing, the ability to once again dig into the earth and make our homes a place of prosperity and abundance is important. One of the largest food banks, Feeding America is estimating that they will feed an additional 17 million Americans over the next 6 months. That's 17 million above and beyond what they had projected going into 2020.

At this point you may be asking yourself, how do I get started. Or I live in an apartment, how can I have a garden? Or, I live in the Southwest and everything I grow dies, what can I grow. Regardless of where you are, it's possible to grow something to add into your house holds food rotation. Join me starting in August as I walk you through a year of sustainable and empowering growing for any space specifically for the Southwest climate.

We will start with the planning phase, understanding soil conditions, micro climates, companion growing, container gardens, harvesting and preserving. We'll also look at foraging within the urban setting.

I started 2020 with plans to have a community garden to teach from. As Covid has shut down group events and made finding open space for this project difficult I was crushed. I've decided that there are far to many benefits to community gardening to just give up, and what better than to have a community garden that involves every house on the block! So here is how we are going to community garden virtually.

Join the facebook group ( you have to answer the questions to join). Here I will be posting articles, information and links that will be important to each months gardening to do list. There will be group discussion to join, a place to post questions and get help. I'll be doing live garden events and we'll also be spotlighting your gardens so we can share what's happening in our space.

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