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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

"Figure out the rhythm of life and live in harmony with it" - Lao Tzu

The moon provides a visual guide of a naturally occurring rhythm. By following the energy of naturally occurring rhythms we are able to to come into a harmonious rhythm. When in harmony with the state of nature we are not automatically granted every wish, however solutions become aligned to our needs, it's what some people refer to as being in the flow.

The different phases of the moon give us a 29 day cycle in which to plan, facilitate, work, evaluate, celebrate and reflect. When we take into account all 8 phases of the moon our workings around the moon becomes deep, meaningful and strong.

Lets dive in to the phases and what they mean. The 8 phases are:

1) The Dark Moon- often referred to as the new moon.

2) Waxing moon - This is the first bit of the moon that begins to become visible after the new moon

3) First Quarter - This is the first half of the moon that becomes visible as the moon is filling out.

4) Waxing Gibbous moon - This is the time that moon is nearly full

5) Full Moon - Moon has reached it's full shape. It is bright and illumines

6) Waning Gibbous moon - This is the full moon missing it first little bit as it makes it's move towards the dark moon.

7) Last Quarter - At this time half the moon has begun it's descent towards the dark moon

8) Waning Crescent - The last luminous crescent of the moon before the new moon.

As we enter the cycle with the New Moon, it offers us just that, a new beginning. This is a place and a time for us to sort out projects, adventures, work, or new habits that need to be started. It's a great time to become very specific on what accomplishment(s) you want to achieve. What they look like and feel like. What you gain or change from them. As well as the steps and resources you will need to fulfill these things.

The new moon is a time when I like to hunker down with my thoughts and desires. I'm generally more quite in my activities as I ruminate over what the next 29 days will hold and what I will need to accomplish.

As the moon begins to show herself we enter the Waxing phase, this is the time to put our plans into action, it's time to hustle. This is the time to busy oneself with concentrated effort. Line up your resources and start checking off the to do list. For every box you check off don't forget to celebrate your forward movement just a little bit.

Keeping a journal page just to write down your daily successes on is a great ritual. Nothing big, just take 5 minutes at the end of the day to write out what went well and what you are grateful for. It will keep you moving and motivated as well as reinforce the work you're doing.

As we come out of the Waxing phase we move into the First Quarter. This period can often feel like the uphill trudge. Obstacles may become obvious, old patterns of self sabotage may come up or become apparent.

First Quarter is an excellent time for a ceremony to recommit to the plan, purpose or goals. It's also a nice time to involve oneself in things that motivate the continued work to the commitment.

Waxing Gibbous Moon the moon is really starting to show us how bright and beautiful she is as she is almost completely full. It's time refine our work. Check in on what is going on, are there changes to the plan that need to be made? Has the need to vary the path come up?

We arrive at the Full Moon. Here is the place that we reap the benefits of our work. It's time to celebrate, harvest, and reflect on how far we have traveled.

Hold a little celebration for yourself. Have a back yard dinner out under the moon with friends, children or partners.

As the moon begins her descent into the quiet depths of the night sky, we enter the Waning Gibbous phase. Now is the time release and let go. It's the time to clear the field to make space for the planting of new opportunities and ideas.

Now is a good time to evaluate habits, thoughts, beliefs and social circles. Are they serving you for your best life? Are they hindering you or creating unnecessary obstacles? It's through these observation period that we often make great strides in healing.

The Last Quarter the moon is now showing her duality, half shining brightly in the night sky while the other half shows us her quiet side. This is the time for the work of making adjustments and space for our new seeds of intention to be planted and sprout.

It's a good time to decultter, to give away items that are no longer purposeful to you that they may become useful again. Re-arrange your space, lay down boundaries and budget.

The last little brilliant crescent is the Waning Crescent. There is nothing to do in this space except rest. Go to bed a little earlier, be mindful in the activity you engage in. Give the body a little rest, eat foods that are easy to digest and drink plenty of fresh water.

This is a great moon phase for interacting with ancestors, candle work or other meditative processes.

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