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Summer Salt Scrub + Massage

06/01/2020 - 08/30/2020

Keep your skins radiant glow with this summer special.

Enjoy a light body brushing over the entire body to get the lymphatic system moving.

Next relax with a 60 minute massage filled with aromatherapy and natural oils to moisturize and renew the skin.

Followed by a 30 minute salt therapy treatment and warm towels.


reg $135


Hot Stone Therapy- 60 minutes

06/01/2020 - 08/30/2020

Let the stress melt away with the warm pressure of pure Basalt hot stones. 

This 60 minute session includes:

  • full body hot stone work

  • abdominal massage

  • stretching

reg $95


Seaweed Steam

06/01/2020 - 08/30/2020


Traditionally seaweed is known to detox the body especially when it comes to heavy metals.

This session combines the detox benefits of both seaweed and steam to help the body naturally detox and release tension.

Session includes:

  • body brushing

  • natural seaweed & kelp application

  • 45 minute steamy wonder tent session

reg: $145


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